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Insect Technology

The organic waste to value technology from Vyuuham transforms organic wastes, such as food waste, that are separated from or mixed with household waste, garden waste, manure, pig slurry, and sewage into valuable products in an effort to move towards a zero-waste solution. Simply said, Vyuuham uses its expertise to make it possible to produce sustainable proteins and oils (instead of relying on unsustainable fishmeal). Our system can utilize both pre- and post-consumer organic waste because of the front-end design, know-how, and procedure of Vyuuham.

Sewage Treatment

Vyuuham embodies the idea of clean and effective waste management. While on our journey towards zero waste, we also focus on clean water adapting recycling and waste water treatment, and promoting 3 'R's - Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.


The range of services offered by Vyuuham includes both product and technology-based solution methods. We recognise that each requirement is different and attempt to maintain a tailored approach when seeking a solution to an issue. We extend our expertise to deliver you the best.

Green Solutions

Solution with BSF covers a large spectrum from waste management to retrieval of valuable products like chitin. Our product-driven expertise can add value to whomever you are or what size, market, or product you want to design or evaluate your carbon emission reduction. We provide tailored solutions to a Municipal corporation or a new business owner. 

Sustainable Consultation

If you believe in quality, streamlines, and efficiency for your waste management, then you need an expert to understand your needs and cater them to you. With our expertise in waste management solutions, our team of researchers and experts can guide and lead you to the most modern, energy-efficient, and carbon-neutral way for your current problem or to upgrade your process.


Along with solutions, our product-driven approach enables the extraction of protein-based meals for poultry and fish farms. Thus promoting healthy feed culture, fighting food scarcity, and further research on human edible protein meals to tackle world hunger.


Get to Know Us

With global temperatures at record highs and unprecedented calamities happening around us daily, Vyuuham takes up the mantle to work against the odds to fight and prevent climate change and work towards UN Sustainability goals. Infusing modern result-oriented technologies yet green, into our ways of working, we pride ourselves as one of its kind platform to bring together innovative ideas and technologies under one umbrella. Keeping carbon emission, cost, and valued output in mind, we focus on providing tailored solutions to different entities such as the government and the private sector. All our solutions are modern and highly acceptable in a global scenario aiming to propel India's journey to be a zero-carbon emission nation.

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No 9 Manjushree, West Link Road, Second Cross, Malleswaram, Bengaluru, 560003 

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